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Okamoto 0.01 (Japan) 3's Pack PU Condom (3 series)

Okamoto 0.01 (Japan Edition) PU Condom 3's Pack / Okamoto 0.01 Plenty of Jelly (Japan Edition) PU Condom 3's Pack / Okamoto 0.01 L size Plenty of Jelly (Japan Edition) PU Condom 3's Pack Please select an option

Product Description

Want to feel condomless? Okamoto 0.01 ultra-thin condom can help you! Okamoto 0.01 is a breakthrough ultra-thin condom with a thickness of 0.01mm (0.01-0.019 mm), made of PU material, stronger than latex condoms!
Super-thin Polyurethane condom, stronger than general condoms and not easy to pierce
Soft and Stretchy
Quantity: 3
Origin: Japan
Color: Transparent
Diameter 34mm
Circumference 104mm
Width 52mm (±2mm)
Length 175mm (±7mm)
Thickness 0.01-0.019 mm (measured with the standard of Okamoto)
93.3%* of users feel Okamoto 0.01 is thinner than 0.02
Following the introduction of 0.02mm water-based polyurethane condoms with uniform thickness in 2009, Okamoto surpassed technology and launched the 0.01 series, the thinnest among all Okamoto products, which is also made of water-based polyurethane (PU).
This condom has no latex smell and is suitable for those who are sensitive to latex.
The Okamoto 0.01 is made in Japan at the Okamoto Co., Ltd. Ibaraki Plant in Ryuzaki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, and the product quality is reliable and trustworthy.
Compared with Okamoto 0.02, Okamoto 0.01 shows nearly 2 times the extension force in the experiment of adding 350ml of water, the softness is amazing, it does not feel tight when wearing, and the tightness meets the requirement of "not falling off" in use.
In terms of safety, Okamoto achieved "no damage" and "no leakage" through rupture experiments, water leakage experiments, and pinhole inspections.
Front and bottom uniform thickness
Uniform thickness is another exclusive technology that Okamoto 0.01 strongly advertises, which means that a uniform thickness of 0.01mm (0.01 - 0.019mm) is achieved from the bottom to the tip of the condom.
The measurement is carried out by the measurement method specified by ISO to ensure that the entire condom is of the same thickness of 0.01mm (0.01 - 0.019mm) .
This ultra-thin thickness can feel the partner's body temperature and touch without hindrance, and enhance the intimacy of both parties.

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