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SISTALK Intelligent remote warm, G point small monster honey stick set


Product Description

Let you don't release the sistalk vaginal climax massage honey stick series!

"I am a master tonight, you play my little slave!" Practical features and cute external sets!

Sistalk honey launched 3 external fun monsters and BDSM playful ingredients with extreme small monster honey stick G point massage stick set: conscious whip, honest handcuffs and well-behaved candles.

You can also add other style headshots, like magic turning abutment, with a partner for a erotic mutual interactive game.

Each set includes a "smart remote hephist G point small monster honey stick" and one of the following "flirting honey sticks":

  • Honest handcuffs: Male male with the diameter of the penis
  • Pesence of whip: measurement of male with penis
  • Well-behaved candle: the sensitive area of ​​the mate is touched

※ You can purchase other flirt honey sticks alone, let your preference replace it at any time.

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[Small monster honey stick set, bring you multiple functions and experience]

  • Private massage experience - stimulate the vaginal G point position, experience pleasure.
  • The food-grade skin-friendly brock is used, and the touch is soft.

  • The whole body waterproof design can be worried to play or clean in the bathroom.
  • 15 ° angle body engineering design
    Human engineering design for Asian women, when they are self-pleasing, if they are too straight, the sticks are too straight, and the bods will face down, and they are not easy to touch G. The 15 ° angle is easier to fit the first one-third of the female body to the most sensitive area.
  • Intelligent constant temperature function
    Set warm sensing function, you can enjoy a thermostatic temperature at 42 ° C for about 2 minutes.
  • Shock upgrade, the chastity is more stable
    Motor upgrade, increase stabilizer. The bar should have a good balance with the stick tail, and the head is strong, and the bar is tail. For a long time, the hand is not sour.


[How to start the vibration mode of the small monster]

  • Normal start:
    Short press the body button to start, and switch 8 vibration mode at any time.

  • Application start:
    Download a stable mobile phone app to match Bluetooth, starting to belong to a private experience.

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