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JEX ZONE Latex Condom 10's Pack / JEX ZONE PREMIUM Latex Condom 5 pack (Japan)

JEX ZONE Latex Condom 10's Pack / JEX ZONE PREMIUM Latex Condom 5 pack (Japan) Please select an option

Product Description

-JEX ZONE Latex Condom 10's Pack

Experience a sensation like no other before

The JEX original Stealth Jelly eliminates any discomfort or pain when you use it. JEX has you experience the best non-latex feeling by adding double the amount of jelly into the latex. It is 3 times more adhesive.

Its flexibility has significantly reduced the friction by 67% compared with Polyurethane 0.01 and 0.02 products. Jex always strives to pass repeated testing and verification, and finally produced the highly praised stealth jelly condom: ZONE.


The unique jelly lubrication technology is added to increase the lubrication feeling and eliminate the wearing surface of condoms


Quantity: 10

Colour: pink

Origin: Japan



Diameter 31mm

Circumference 98mm

Width 49mm

Length 136mm



-JEX  ZONE PREMIUM Latex Condom 5 pack (Japan)

ZONE Premium zero sense into the condom
Soft and zero feeling, more comfortable
The feeling of wearing condoms has disappeared!
JEX zone's original "Stealth jelly" jelly can eliminate discomfort and pain during use. As if hidden, experience the best zero latex originality like never before!
The product is the premium version of the "Zone" series launched by Jex, which can be regarded as the dawn of a new era of "zero sense of entry".
It is softer and easier to stretch, further reducing discomfort when wearing, and more comfortable.
Together with the further developed invisible jelly α, it achieves an overwhelming sense of liberation.
A large amount of application on the sleeve made of natural latex makes it feel better after wearing it and allows you to experience the thrill of not wearing it.
- Zero sense of entry, cool off without a set
- Invisible jelly α, providing smooth entry
- Unique jelly technology reduces discomfort when wearing
- Made of latex, better fit, softer and easy to stretch
- The front and back have been divided, ready to use
Japanese brand
JEX ZONE Premium

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