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LOVE AROMA Pheromone Fragrance for Men


Product Description

Contents: 10ml
Country of origin: Japan
: Ethanol, purified water, fragrance (including androstenol)
Introducing a pheromone fragrance with a refreshing and fruity scent that attracts women.

This love aroma is a pheromone fragrance containing the pheromone ingredient "androstenol".
Androstenol is a sex hormone secreted by male sweat glands and is said to bring about sexual arousal in women.
In addition, the fresh and fruity scent is very popular with women, and even men who are new to perfume will not be disgusted.

To use, just spray it on your clothes.
About 1 or 2 pushes are recommended (if you apply too much, the smell will be harsh and may have the opposite effect).

A fascinating pheromone fragrance made in a domestic factory to suit Japanese tastes.
A must-have item for men who want to be popular.

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